Meet our Team

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Angelina Quint, 3rd Year

Commissioner of Academic Affairs 

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Daniela Cortez, 2nd year

Internal Assistant Commissioner

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Clarissa Arjona, 3rd year

Internal Assistant Commissioner

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Naomi Cherone, 4th year

Chief of Staff

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Elizabeth Pham, 3rd year 

Retention First Co-Director

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Alondra Gomez, 3rd year

Retention First Co-Director

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Alissa Rocha, 4th year 

Retention First Co-Director

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Quinn Fontaine, 4th year

Campus of Care Co-Director

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Stuti Pradhan, 2nd year

Campus Care Co-Director

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Crystal Rose Snow, 5th year

Co-Head of Sanctuary Campus

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Jennifer Nunez, 3rd year

Co-Director of Sanctuary Campus

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Yostina Wasef, 4th year

Equity and Accessibility Director

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Cristina Castillo, 4th year

Equity and Accessibility Director

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Aaliyah Farias, 2nd year

Equity and Accessibility Director

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Katherine Bogue, 2nd year

Disability Justice in Education

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Jayda Jackson, 2nd year

Co-Director of Accountability and Transparency

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Pablo Luis-Herrera, 3rd year

Co-Director of Inside Out

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Subin Lee, 3rd year

Community Liaison

Dakota Edison - DAKOTA EDISON.jpg

Dakota Edison, 2nd year

Co-Director of Funding

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Roberta Banks, 3rd year

Co-Director of Funding


Jenny Lu, 3rd year

Fundraising Director

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Adriana Bernal, 4th year

Co-Director of Internship

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Heidy Melchor, 3rd year

Co-Director of Internship

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Nayiri Artounians, 3rd year

PR Director


Simran Kaur, 3rd year

Director of Web, Photography, and Videography

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Vera Arenas, 3rd year 

Director of Graphics