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Meet Our Executives (2022-23)

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Daniela Cortez, 3rd Year

Commissioner of Academic Affairs 

Countryside Road

Brittney Zendejas, 4th year

External Assistant Commissioner


Andrea Alvarez, 3rd year

Internal Assistant Commissioner


Brianna Noriega, 4th year

Chief of Staff


Sujana Sridhar, 2nd year

Chief of Senate

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Meet Our Platform Directors (2022-23)

Access and Equity

The access and equity division of AAC aims to increase accessibility to UCLA resources (whether that be internships or extracurricular activities) for all students, with an ultimate objective of propelling students in their journeys through higher education.

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Stuti Sridhar, 3rd Year

Director of Access and Equity

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Faith Ndegwa, 2nd year

Director of Access and Equity

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Retention First

Retention First aims to bridge academic disparities by supporting the retention of current and future Bruins from marginalized communities. Through programs like Books 4 Bruins, our textbook scholarship program, and other initiatives, Retention First meets student needs with resources and community. 

Meet the Staff: Team Members
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Vera Arenas, 4th Year

Director of Retention First

Sanctuary Campus

Sanctuary Campus aims to educate students and their communities about the nuances and experiences of different identities, working to expand mental health resources to maximize students’ access.


Christine Zhang, 1st Year

Director of Sanctuary Campus

Countryside Road

Karina Acevedo, 4th Year

Director of Sanctuary Campus

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Student Agency and Resilience (StAR)

Our mission is to amplify student voices and empower them to harness strength from their experiences to drive institutional change while establishing a proactive culture of care.


Ryan Villacrusis, 4th Year

Director of StAR


Riley Masterson, 2nd Year

Director of StAR

Meet the Staff: Team Members


Our mission is to support students' self-actualization beyond UCLA, so we aim to collaborate with organizations on campus to increase the representation of BIPOC professionals for students of color by offering avenues of mentorship and holistic resources.

Countryside Road

Monique Caridad, 3rd Year 

Director of In-N-Out UCLA

Countryside Road

Patricia Hernandez-Beltran, 4th Year 

Director of In-N-Out UCLA

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Meet Our Committee Directors (2022-23)

Accountability and Transparency

Our role is essential to connect students to AAC, Academic Senate, and administration and bring transparency to their platforms and policies.


Carolyn Wang, 2nd Year

Director of Accountability and Transparency

Meet the Staff: Team Members


By providing resources to the student body via the Academic Success Referenfum Fund and the Travel Grant Mini Fund we uplift the community and the organizations that help make UCLA inclusive and accessible.

Countryside Road

Jason Lee, 3rd Year

Academic Success Referendum Fund Director

Countryside Road

Celine Tsai, 1st Year

Travel Grant Mini Fund Director

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Community Liaisons

We facilitate communication between student organizations and AAC to support organizations' needs and together bring awareness to student resources

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Kaylee Messick, 3rd Year

Directive Community Liaison

Media Team

PR, Graphics, and Web Design are 3 separate components of our media team. While PR manages timely publication of events, initiatives, resources by AAC committees and platforms on and off campus through social media or other means and engages with the student body through innovative and creative methods, Graphics designs visual posts for AAC platforms and committees that are informative, inclusive, and accessible to all students. Web Design innovates AAC, through the website you are navigating now, with AAC information and events in addition to resources available to students. Other times, Web Design also captures photos of AAC events for website and social media platforms.

Meet the Staff: Team Members
Countryside Road

Jhoanna Martinez, 3rd Year

Public Relations Director

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