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Meet Our Executives (2023-24)

13A31937-7BE7-4A82-89F8-FFDC51CE8B51 - SUJANA SRIDHAR_edited.jpg

Sujana Sridhar, 3rd Year

Commissioner of Academic Affairs 


Kaylee Messick, 4th year

Assistant Commissioner

img_4714_720 - ANIKA CHIGURUPATI.jpg

Anika Chigurupati, 3rd year

Chief of Staff

5B3B024B-893D-4C8A-8BFD-9F203C33C830 - CRISTOPHER ESPINO.jpeg

Cristopher Espino , 2nd year

Chief of Senate

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Meet Our Platform Directors (2023-24)

Access and Equity

The Access and Equity division of AAC aims to increase accessibility to UCLA resources (whether that be internships or extracurricular activities) for all students, with an ultimate objective of propelling students in their journeys through higher education.

9E9575DD-4D2E-455C-90DC-7582BA9581A3 - KAITLYN WAGMAN_edited.jpg

Katie Wagman, 3rd Year

Director of Access and Equity

0CFC8D2C-EDED-4719-A588-7136B90E4FC2 - ALLSTON LIU.jpeg

Allston Liu, 2nd year

Director of Access and Equity

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Sanctuary Campus

Sanctuary Campus is one of the platforms historically retained by AAC. The goal is to create a safe and nurturing campus for every student.

59735409-8512-44CD-B17F-0967ADFFA8B7_1_102_a - Fiza Valiullah.jpeg

Fiza Valiullah, 3rd Year

Director of Sanctuary Campus

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Retention First

Retention First aims to bridge academic disparities by supporting the retention of current and future Bruins from marginalized communities. Through programs like Books 4 Bruins, our textbook scholarship program, and other initiatives, Retention First meets student needs with resources and community. 

APC_1699_Original - STUTI PRADHAN.jpg

Stuti Pradhan, 4th Year

Director of Retention First

IMG_2685 - PAYTON ZARCENO_edited.jpg

Payton Zarceno, 2nd Year

Director of Retention First

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Upward Movement

Upward Movement works to prepare students for post-grad - whether that is careers, graduate and professional schools or a gap year! We will bring you real-life skills through partnerships with the Career Center and the Academic Advancement Program.

Instagram Introduction - CHRISTINE ZHANG.jpg

Christine Zhang, 2nd Year

Director of Upward Movement 

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Growing Roots

Growing Roots is the fifth platform for AAC, which recognizes historically marginalized and underserved communities. This platform prioritizes connecting with the Mother Organizations at UCLA. AAC hopes to amplify the voices in the Student-Initiated Outreach Center (SIOC) and holding round table discussions with the Mother Orgs.

Countryside Road

Coming soon!

Director of Growing Roots

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Meet Our Committee Directors (2022-23)

Accountability and Transparency

Our role is essential to connect students to AAC, Academic Senate, and administration and bring transparency to their platforms and policies.

A8260663-B49E-4512-BDE2-0BD67233699D_1_105_c - ARIANE CAZAUBON_edited.jpg

Ariane Cazaubon, 2nd Year

Director of Accountability and Transparency

Countryside Road


Director of Accountability and Transparency

Meet the Staff: Team Members


By providing resources to the student body via the Academic Success Referenfum Fund and the Travel Grant Mini Fund we uplift the community and the organizations that help make UCLA inclusive and accessible.

804C99ED-AC2B-4F4F-AC6A-5346089D4343 - JASON LEE.jpeg

Jason Lee, 4th Year

Academic Success Referendum Fund Director

Nolan Wang Picture - NOLAN WANG.JPG

Nolan Wang, 3rd Year

Travel Grant Mini Fund Director

Meet the Staff: Team Members

Media Team

PR, Graphics, and Web Design are 3 separate components of our media team. While PR manages timely publication of events, initiatives, resources by AAC committees and platforms on and off campus through social media or other means and engages with the student body through innovative and creative methods, Graphics designs visual posts for AAC platforms and committees that are informative, inclusive, and accessible to all students. Web Design innovates AAC, through the website you are navigating now, with AAC information and events in addition to resources available to students. Other times, Web Design also captures photos of AAC events for website and social media platforms.

IMG-0561 - COLIN STREETER_edited.jpg

Colin Streeter, 3rd Year

Director of Marketing


Honna Nguyen, 2nd Year

Graphics Director

Countryside Road

Coming soon!

Web Design

Countryside Road

Coming soon!

Web Design 

Meet the Staff: Team Members
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