Commissioner: ​​

  • Supported in conducting the introductory AAC meeting for all new hires, as well as prepared materials

  • Facilitated director check-ins throughout the summer, which alternated between both ACs and CoS every 3 weeks

  • Attended USAC funding workshops

  • Overseeing General Staff hirings for 13 committees (in progress) 

  • Worked with our Commissioner to write a letter calling for Academic Leniency for students impacted by Hurricane Ida and converted a resolution into a letter calling for Academic Leniency for Afghan students.

Chief of Directorship:

  • Created a plan to ensure the continuous development of staff throughout the summer into the following quarters; focusing predominantly on interstaff, campus-wide, professional and personal development

  • Planned equity-driven presentations for the school year in order to continue to strengthen the advocacy skills of directors--trainings that hone in on widening our cultural understanding of academic equity related issues, and how to best serve the communities that are most affected

  • Streamlined communication among directors, and worked on solidifying timelines of directors through 1-1 check-in’s alongside the Assistant Commissioners

  • Created weekly agendas for office hours and AAC executive meetings

  • Co-led executive staff meetings alongside the assistant commissioners

  • Actively communicated tasks from the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners to directors

Retention First:

  • Work on brainstorming and solidifying the Books For Bruins Program for the Fall

  • Create student connections

  • Arranged meetings with directors and with Commissioner 

  • Created the B4B application and requested flyers

  • Had meetings to brainstorm ways to create study groups and build Community for students.

Campus of Care:

  • Creating a syllabus exchange program in collaboration with Bruinwalk

  • Planning a campaign to redefine “smart”

  • Reached out to the director of Bruinwalk via email

  • Developed methods for ‘smart’ campaign (eg. social media, webinar, video)

  • Creating general staff introduction/training resources

  • Reached out to Bruinwalk

  • Reached out to clubs/gc for hiring

  • AAC Graphic Designers about Bruinwalk collaboration social media post

  • Making accessibility and transparency better in course selection via Bruinwalk collaboration.

Sanctuary Campus:

  • Staff Hiring

  • Created a standard event protocol to maintain organization within our committee and ensure events are carried out without complications

  • Created a list of possible speakers (UCLA Staff/ Students/ Community Leaders)

  • Managed and organized gmail and google drive with important information, meeting notes, contact lists, etc. 

  • Reached out to UCLA Professor Nadia Zepeda and Herbalism Teacher and Doula Berenice Dimas (Not Associated with UCLA)  for workshops on ancestral healing methods and ways to facilitate safe space on campus, especially during stressful times like a pandemic 

  • Attended mental health coalition meeting in partnership with USAC offices and student organizations that are focused on prioritizing the mental health of the student body

  • Will be attending meeting with SOLE and EMI representatives to discuss future plans on distributing Students for Allyship through Justice and Education Module (SAJE) and trainings across different spaces on campus

  • Will be meeting with Valeria Garcia from Underground Scholars to discuss collaboration on workshop/presentation(s) raising awareness about the experience of our peers who have been formerly incarcerated.

Access and Equity:

  • Work on bruin opp

  • Brainstorm workshop ideas

  • Researching for fridge give away

  • Discussing British parliament

  • reached out to old member in charge of bruin opp

  • reaching out to orgs

  • Reaching out to a personal sponsor Saturday for fridges

  • Bruin opp fully updated

  • Reach out to bruin emergency for partnership with fridge give away.

Disability Justice in Education:

  • Created a survey intended to get feedback from disabled students (and allies) on how DJE can best allocate time and resources this year. The survey is tentatively scheduled to go out the first week of Fall quarter (but this is likely to change).

  • Biweekly meetings with student leaders and the CAE

  • Bruincast Expansion

  • Staff Hiring

  • Reached out to DSU students for feedback on:

    • The survey

    • Potential professors to network with regarding expanding use of Bruincast among their colleagues

  • Brainstorming sessions to solidify the scope of DJE

  • Continuing to promote AAC applications and reach out to potential co-directors

  • Working with graphics on a DJE logo

  • Continued to communicate with DSU students and CAE staff

  • Planning to email various professors and departments to discuss Bruincast

    • Currently compiling a solid list of professors and drafting email templates

  • Communication (emails and meetings) with Bruincast and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching ​

  • Promote DJE survey and analyze responses

    • Work closely with Transparency throughout this process

    • Work with graphics on IG post 

    • Revisit advocacy goals and reprioritize if necessary 

  • Hire and train staff! 

  • Start meeting with professors and departments about Bruincast (and hopefully get more profs on board)

  • Reach out to MOs and other student orgs to discuss how DJE can best advocate for/ with their communities

  • Support DSU in their protests/ advocacy to increase remote options for the Fall (and future quarters).

Accountability and Transparency:

  • Working on forms and surveys for the student body to assess and meet their needs

    • Created the All-Year round form for student feedback

    • Working on creating the Year-round Academic Senate Survey

  • Created a Summer Transparency Report

  • Read and Reviewed staff applications, and hired 2 staff members!

  • Working with DJE to review the form that will help students with disabilities and allies

  • Met with CoS to draft survey questions that will pertain to helping students and alleviating their concerns

  • Had Weekly check-ins with CoS to help us with any questions we had, and provide us guidance for our position

  • Planning to meet with CoSenate to help draft questions relevant to the Academic Senate Form

  • Created an Accxtran email!

Inside Out:

  • Work on logistics for library app

  • Find more study spaces on campus

  • Had meeting with library representative

  • Arranged meeting with FAC members

  • Reached out to other library representatives

  • Reached out to FAC’s Blank Space to collaboration on project

    • Want to work on expanding study spaces.


  • Create Finance Committee Social Media

  • Academic Senate App Outreach

  • General Staff App Outreach

  • Training Outline for Gen Staff

  • Plan Finance Seminars

  • Newsletters

  • Currently working on a newsletter for departments to send out about finance grants

  • Gen Staff Outreach

  • Gen Staff Training Outline 

  • Reach out to Student Programs to spread the word about the finance grants 

  • Reach out to Admissions Office about planning finance seminars for high schools.


  • Working on creating a newsletter for potential/existing donors to keep them updated on what AAC is doing

  • reached out to community liaison to potentially collaborate

  • working through logistics of planning SPARK initiative.


  • Planning the internship curriculum for the fall

  • Creating application

  • Advertising for application 

  • Edited application for AAC internship, updated application FAQs sheet, meeting to go over weekly curriculum

  • Going to collaborate with community liaisons to brainstorm outreach ideas, who we can get the word out about apps. 

  • Continue developing a curriculum that will help interns practice leadership skills and integrate well into the AAC office.

Public Relations:

  • Planning out the podcast for this upcoming year; researching / brainstorming topics, potential guests to reach out to, possible spaces we can record + broadcast podcast 

  • Audience engagement:

    • Keeping our IG audience up-to-date with posts made by Graphics

    • Engaging with other orgs by reposting them on our stories 

    • IG day in the life story takeovers with various AAC exec members to draw attention to our apps 

  • Attending meetings + check-ins to keep up-to-date

  • Collaborating with Graphics on several Google Forms in order to streamline posting process 

  • Proposing a list of topics / guests for podcast to all AAC exec members

  • Hiring and training my staff member

  • Making daily posts on IG stories + posting new types of content

  • Going through the contact spreadsheet and making updates. 

Web Design:

  • Brainstorming ideas for updating the website for the fall

  • Attending weekly co-director check-ins 

  • Reposting and sharing graphics and information on our stories to engage and to inform more students about resources on campus

  • Going through the website and making updates

  • Some ideas for the videos include taking screenshots of meetings and recording videos (with everyone’s consent) and posting those on social media.

  • Making a video where we can ask UCLA students about how the resources such as awards for the Bruin books have helped them and their opinion on what ways we can improve.


  • Working on a logo for DJE and requested graphics for our social media

    • Made the graphics request form + executive staff highlights request form to make it as effective as possible for the entire team

  • Deciding on a theme + working out cohesiveness for our Instagram page

    • Making mini presentations to figure out out what fonts, symbols, etc. we want to use this year

  • Planning out passion projects for the year including our graphics tutorial series

    • Decided we want to do 1-2 per quarter

  • Attending bi-weekly meetings as well as executive staff meetings and weekly co-director check-ins

    • Created agendas for weekly co-director check-ins to keep track of tasks and talking points

  • Decided we want to hire 5 general staff

  • Hiring and bonding with our staff as well as teaching them how to make graphics that fit our theme

  • Learning Adobe Illustrator

  • Putting out our passion project!