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AAC Internship

The Full Story

The AAC Internship is an effort that was started with a single goal in mind: to cultivate a space that could lead into a sources of empowerment for future leaders that would bring us closer to Educational Justice. 

Through an intensive and enriching 10-week program, a cohort of interns in the Fall and Winter quarters learn about the ins-and-outs of the Undergraduate Student Association (UCLA's student government model), the Academic Affairs Commission, the Academic Senate, the Mother Organizations and many valuable campus stakeholders. 

By the end of it, interns will walk away with the knowledge, tools and experience to advocate for Educational Justice. All of our interns go on to work with our committees through the Spring Quarter. Beyond, our interns tend to continue on with directorship positions in AAC, other USAC offices, running for USAC positions, or applying their skills many fields like law, policy, and more. 

Hands Up
AAC Internship: About

Internship Cohort Recap & Opportunities

A Look Into Each Quarter

Fall Quarter

This quarter, we started off with over 10 interns. Our interns partook in conversations and skill-building opportunities. They began by building a fundamental knowledge about USAC, the Academic Senate, AAC and the Mother Organizations. Mixed in, interns developed their professional skills and advocacy toolkit to incite change in any environment. Upon completion, our interns this quarter have been placed in the following committees for the remainder of this term: Access & Equity, Accountability & Transparency, and Sanctuary Campus.

Winter Quarter

We are currently accepting applications for our Winter cohort of interns! 

This quarter, we are entering in a never done-before collaboration with the Education Department at UCLA. For students in the major, who've completed EDUC 180 and are looking for capstone credit, you can apply to our internship and enroll in the course -- thus completing your capstone requirement, gaining internship experience, and receiving credit for the work you do within AAC this quarter. 

AAC Internship: List

2023-24 Internship Directors

3BA33D28-6E9A-4569-BB81-EF8C254C28CC - Celine Tsai.jpeg

Celine Tsai, 2nd Year

Internship Director

picofme (2).JPG

Internship Director

AAC Internship: Team Members
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