Academic Senate

Welcome to the Academic Senators’ appointment list! Here you can find the current Academic Senators for the 2019-2020 school year, their committee descriptions and their contact information. Under the learn more tab, we have attached the direct site to UCLA's Academic Senate in the case you are interested in learning more as to how our governing body functions.


Meet Our Staff

Each position has been filled for the 2019-2020 school year by our esteemed Academic Senators. 

Executive Board

Naomi Riley, usaaac@gmail.com

Undergraduate Council Members

1. Naomi Riley, naomiriley@ucla.edu

2. Kate McInerny, kmcinerny@g.ucla.edu

3. Asha Alexander, ashamalexander@g.ucla.edu

4. Brian Zamora, brizamora68@gmail.com

Committee on Planning and Budget Representatives

1. Amanda Gracian, aac.chiefs@gmail.com
2. Dakarai Moses, Dakarai-dkmo1999@gmail.com

Committee on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with School Representatives

1. Naomi Riley, usaaac@gmail.com
2. Breeze Hernandez, breezey06@g.ucla.edu

Committee on Academic Freedom

1. Yatin Kumar, yatinkumar98@g.ucla.edu 
2. Judy Chon- juudychon@gmail.com

Committee on International Education Representatives

1. Pietro Luzarreta
2. Leal Mendes

Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications Representative

Committee on Intercollegiate Representative

Committee on Teaching Representatives

1. Patrick Romero, romeropatrick17@gmail.com

Committee on Diversity, Equity, and inclusion Representatives

1. Zeyna Faucette, zeynafaucette@gmail.com
2. Jonathan Tsou, jstspou@g.ucla.edu

Faculty Welfare Representative

1. Heidy Melchor, hmelchor@g.ucla.edu

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