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 Academic Senate

Welcome to the Academic Senators’ appointment list! Here you can find the quarterly update for Fall 2022 and current Academic Senators for the 2022-2023 school year. Under the learn more tab, we have attached the direct site to UCLA's Academic Senate in case you are interested in learning more as to how our governing body functions.

Academic Senate: Welcome

Quarterly Update

Fall 2022 Update will be posted soon.

Academic Senate: Text

Meet Our Staff

Each position has been filled for the 2020-2021 school year by our esteemed Academic Senators. 

Executive Board

Himaja Vendidandi

Undergraduate Council Members

1. Daniela Anais Cortez Bravo

2. Kristal Ombogo

3. Jason Lee (TSR Representative)

Legislative Assembly

1. Clarissa Arjona

2. Kaylee Blanco

3. Ibhanan Kulkarni (TSR Representative)

4. Marilyn Pham (TSR Representative)

5. Achraf El Madnaoui (ISR Representative)

Committee on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with School Representatives

1. Yashmeen Sharma

2. Karylle Davalos (SIOC Representative)

Committee on Diversity, Equity, and inclusion Representatives

1. Ariyanna Aimen

2. Durriya Ahmed (TSR Representative)

Committee on Academic Freedom

1. Sujana Sridhar

2. Jayda Jackson

Committee on Planning and Budget Representatives

1. Luis R. Garcia Chavez

2. Vikas Sundar

Committee on Research

1. Fiona Yip

Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications Representative

1. Chris Espino

Committee on GE Governance

1. Anusha Entezari

Committee of International Education

1. Bakur Madni (ISR Representative)

Faculty Exec Committee

1. Tiara Weedagama

2. Ava Cross (TSR Representative)

Committee on Faculty Welfare

1. Monica Medel

Academic Senate: List
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