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Retention First

Retention First was created to ensure that the Academic Affairs Commission is adequately providing resources and continuing to help facilitate conversation regarding increasing student retention rates. Retention First oversees our “Book for Bruins” textbook scholarship program at the beginning of every quarter. Retention First will be expanding the “Books for Bruins” program to also cover access codes which are a rising cost for our undergrad students. This department will be helping to advocate for longer book lending times and will be advocating to change the laptop rental start times that have been inconvenient for laptop lending students and library staff. Retention First is also charged with working with Programming to host AAC’s Counseling Quarterlies in partnership with the Academic Advancement Program (AAP) Peer Counseling Team, College Academic Counseling (CAC), and the peer counselors of the Student Retention Committee’s organizations such as MEChA, the Afrikan Student Union and the American Indian Student Association.

Access and Equity

Our department of Bruins For Access and Academic Equity is tasked with interrogating matters and issues of access within UCLA and to higher education at large. This department partners with the Academic Senators to ensure the university’s resources and policies are conducive to students’ educational success. This committee will help lead the commission’s goal to remove standardized testing from the UC’s admissions process. BAE staff members are individuals who advocate for educational equity, especially for historically underrepresented communities. We will also be strategizing to advocate for better use of online materials, faculty and administration for underserved communities in the greater LA region and beyond. Lastly, the committee is tasked with ensuring that USAC and AAC remains accessible to the undergraduate student body, especially students who have been historically excluded from these spaces.

Sanctuary Campus

Sanctuary and the idea of a safe and inclusive campus is deeply woven within the fabric of the commission. This department aims to educate students and their communities about the nuances and experiences of different identities.  Sanctuary campus members are programming staffers that plan and manage all programming and co-programming with other organizations. Sanctuary Campus is committed to advocating for more trauma-informed best practices for UCLA faculty and staff through the Academic Senate and academic departments. The department is responsible for increasing mental health awareness and launching a new mental health fiat lux, in partnership with the International Student Representative’s office. This office, most importantly, commits itself to supporting and raising awareness about issues that affect marginalized communities today, as labor rights, abolishing ICE, police brutality, i.e., are academic affairs.

Space and Technology

Space and Technology is tasked with carrying out the commission’s rethinking of space and technology here at UCLA, a two-fold project. UCLA is the smallest campus of the UC’s, but has the largest population of students. As a result, we are constantly at odds with over-enrollment, and the problems that accompany it. Space and Tech staff members will help in redesigning and creating new study spaces on campus and on the Hill, while improving the already running ones. The department will also be researching and locating additional study spaces in the Westwood Village for off-campus studying. Space and Tech will also continue to collect data on study space usage and technology needs here on campus. Once again, this year Space and Tech will continue efforts to expand Bruin Casted classes, in partnership with the Steering Committee for Online Teaching and Learning appointment. The committee will also advocate for the use and improvement of online classes and curriculum, working closely with Retention First.


The Internship component is one of the most fundamental aspects of our commission. Every fall and winter quarter, our commission recruits a class of interns who are passionate about learning about the institution of the USAC, the Academic Affairs Commission, the Academic Senate, and academic policy as a whole. We are committed to discussing and pondering issues of social justice and academic affairs. For the past few years, our interns have had the opportunity to craft resolutions that have been brought before and passed at Council. Many of our interns go onto taking on larger roles within USAC and beyond.

Marketing and Graphics

Our Marketing Team is responsible for all duties concerning marketing, outreach, social media, and much more. We value the importance of advocacy and outreach in a way that is inclusive and highlights the importance of viewing academic affairs as a holistic matter. We are always looking for talented, creative and passionate individuals to join our team!