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Academic Affairs Commission

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Our commission has four core components. The first is the Academic Senate. Our commissioner is charged with appointing over 25 student appointments as Academic Senators on various committees mixed with UCLA faculty and staff members. It is through the Academic Senate that AAC has the power to influence and make policy changes within UCLA. AAC also provides funding opportunities for individual students and student organizations through the Travel Grant Mini Fund and the Academic Success Referendum Fund. These funds are provided to us through the Social Justice Referendum. The commission also aims to increase accessibility within USAC and AAC by offering a fall and winter internship class. This class of interns is educated on the ins and outs of USAC, AAC and student advocacy. Interns usually go on to serve as liaisons between their communities and USAC, return as executive staff members, and even run for student government positions. Lastly, AAC provides programmatic support and resources that aim to enhance students’ educational environment. This includes but is not limited to our previous “Books for Bruins” textbook scholarships, our free i-Clicker rental program, the launching of the Hill evening study spaces at Feast and B-Plate, the annual Fight for Education week, and so many more initiatives, events, and resources.

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Breeze Velazquez

Academic Affairs Commissioner 2020-2021

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AAC has launched our Books for Bruins Spark Campaign! This campaign will run for a month in hopes of fundraising money for our quarterly book subsidy program. All the money fundraised will go towards alleviating students' financial stress caused by the pandemic. The link to donate is above.


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